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96 F350 7.3 Powerstroke Crew Cab Dually in WI

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Selling my crew cab dually to get on the racetrack. Have my original box truck and open trailer so since the driveway is full something has to go. Going to use these funds to finish my CRX. 


Has 96 gallon in bed aluminum diamond plate reserve tank. 

Has 3 gauge A-pillar gauge set with exhaust and trans temp gauges along with boost. I put 5k miles on truck and it ran good. 2k going to Charlotte and back. 


Has about 249k miles. I have an injectors shim kit coming because it does have a couple occasional symptoms in the extreme cold that the shim clearance is off. Also just installed new front brake lines. Has almost new tires. Comes with a CB . 


Asking $4800 




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25 minutes ago, skierman64 said:

What happened to the race bus?


Premium Dudes / Holy Rollers still own it. We don't have any vehicle for picking up engines, tires, bringing a second car (I had to borrow a truck to tow the Premium Dudes car as well as a Honda to Indy), plus I worry about the bus for long tows such as going to California. 

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Just got done with some upgrades to the truck. Added the crankcase delete. Also did the BB mod to get fuel pressure back to stock maximum of 75psi After the injection was fixed .  And man did that shim kit ever work. Boost is way up down low and exhaust temps are down. Drivability and power are way up. Replaced the HPOP lines with 3/8” instead of standard 5/16” it also has the Banks down pipe and a very nice intake kit with K&N filter. Truck has all of what they call the top 5 upgrades. The trans fluid is so clean I overfilled it because I couldn’t read the dipstick until it was too full and had to suck some back out. The trans was replaced at 76k and is an aftermarket custom build that shifts very firm. Don’t know for sure but drives like the Banks revalve kit was installed. 


I cant believe how clean the inside of the motor was for 249k mi. I have pics. The HPOP line burst when Andrew was on a test drive. They seem to think that makes the truck worth $500 less after doing a grand in repairs and added upgrades. So it is available again and better than before. 


Only thing they they could find was a couple chaffed hoses and they didn’t like that the frame has surface rust. They didn’t like the boost number but that was the HPOP hose and Before the injectors were freshened up and that was the problem. 15 psi is what you get without towing a load now. The drivers door lock needs to be rekeyed also. The reserve fuel tank needs the sending unit replaced and it’s on order. The company that sells the system wanted $200 but I found a universal one for $40 shipped. Just had to recalibrate the computer to the new unit. Difference is the original was 250/15 ohm and the new one is 240/33.  Tech support for the unit walked me through it. 


So almost all the stuff that usually goes wrong has been fixed or upgraded. If someone doesn’t grab it I just may keep it and sell my box truck with 5k watt Onan  and buy an enclosed trailer and keep the Dually.

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Now that I have this back on the road and I enjoy driving it so much I have put my Model A for sale also. Whichever one sells first will go into the race budget. Since the plan has always been to tun at least 2 cars when we get going it will probably stay in the fleet. I can always find another street rod to build someday and racing is what gets me out of bed in the morning   So if you are interested in this thing you better jump on it in the next week or so or it will  no longer be available. 

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