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Sony Develops a Personal Wearable Air Conditioner

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Sony Develops a Personal Wearable Air Conditioner
by Lori Dorn at 11:36 AM on July 30, 2019

Sony has developed the REON Pocket, a really handy personal temperature control device that conveniently fits inside a pocket at the based of the neck of a specially-designed t-shirt. Sony has been raising money on their crowdfunding platform First Flight for this soft, silicon device that was made to reduce the discomfort of heat during the summer months and offers warmth during the winter. The REON Pocket synchronizes with an app that directly regulates the temperature of the device.
(translated) We attach REON POCKET terminal to a pocket in the neck of exclusive innerwear and let smartphone and Bluetooth® cooperate. After that, you can use it simply by operating the app and adjusting the terminal temperature to your liking. …the neck pocket of the exclusive innerwear can be worn without a sense of incongruity in appearance because the terminal is designed to fit easily.
REON Pocket has surpassed its funding goals for the product, which is currently only available in Japan.

 I read that it can drop your temp by 23 degrees!!! Anybody making a trip to Japan?

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