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Hillbilly racing calling it quits

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Afternoon fellow chumpsters, after 9 seasons of chumpcar/champcar (will always be chumpcar to me) Hillbilly Racing has decided to call it quits. We have had a great time and would not take anything for the memories and friends that we have made. Started off with 4 family members gradually switching to half family and half renters and ending at Indy with just my son and I, after 3 people pulled out. What a great way to end, just turned 70 and racing at Indy with my son. Want to thank John Condren for starting this madness, gave me something to do in my retirement. Special thanks to Mike and Andrea for keeping a steady hand on the wheel. Thanks to all the chumpcar staff and volunteers for making things go as smooth as they do. Always answered my questions, didn't always like the answers but always felt we were treated fairly. Don't know what we're going to do with car, trailer and rest of peices and parts, if anyone has any interest please PM me. I have encouraged my son Eric to continue on as a rent a driver so if anyone is interested in a steady driver that will take care of your equipment let me know and I'll will pass it on. Thanks, Hillbilly 

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