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Official 2019 - A Sebring NYE Double 7 Hour Enduro

Bill Strong

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2 minutes ago, Team Infiniti said:

Its a rough surface, nut and bolt the suspension to make sure all is tight, if you have a particular camber bolt that works loose every now and again just make sure its locktighted/welded/whatever, being a dbbl7 its much easier as one can go over everything before day 2.

Thanks. I've had issues with my camber adjustments holding on my mcphearson strut even on a track like road america so i've added some positive mechanical locking.

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1 hour ago, Slugworks Paul said:

Would anyone like to share some direct experiences/issues caused by vibration and the rough track? I've checked and made some prep but all I hear is ambiguous warnings and not any specific examples of failures or issues.


Destroyed rear strut tower this year 4 laps in...


and CC videographer filming the fix in progress...



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The Baja 1000 is easier on your car than 12-hours of Sebring. Which is why WE do 14-hours.


What do you do after Christmas? Go to Sebring for two days!
First, as always, please read through the Supplemental Rules here. This time I really mean it! We've had to make some changes for Friday so please take a look.
Load In Friday: We've had to make some adjustments here. We will not be able to get into the Paddock area until around 6:00pm on Friday. That's going to be late, so we are going to set up Tech and Registration along the Midway area. We haven't decided on some of the details, but we will have them set up and running during the day Friday so we can get started. We will open again in our usual locations after we move in, but we plan to get as much done as we can out on the Midway.
Here's how you can help;
1. Take care of as many registration items online as you can, including payment. This will help Laura and keep things moving.
2. Tech. If you need a full tech inspection we will get it done, and if possible get your 2020 Tech done also. But, but, but... If you have a 2019 Annual Tech and you just want a 2020, please consider waiting until your first 2020 event when we have the tech bays open all day. It will make things a lot easier on Jay and Ray working outside. 
Please keep in mind that this race is a 2019 event and will be run according to the 2019 BCCR's.
This is a change from the way we did it in September. Then the other club was willing to work with us during Friday to load in. In this case the club on the track Friday is not and we can't get in until they are done. 
And... If you are running the Friday event make sure you get through Registration and (if you need it) through Tech. We will be shutting down at the scheduled times so make sure you get it taken care of.
Trailers, Rigs, and the Gate: Things may be a little different when you arrive. If things work out right, you will sign the waiver when you first enter through the big gateway. This will speed things up when we roll in Friday afternoon. You will be directed along the Midway area to parking. Please be mindful to leave enough room for teams to unload cars if they need to visit Tech. Speaking of rigs. Sebring has begun charging a $20 fee for campers, motor homes, sleepers etc in the paddock area. Any vehicle or trailer that you could sleep in or hook up to power will be charged. Yes this includes box trailers with A/C units on the roof. My advice is that you have a $20 in your hand when you enter.
Novice / Champ School: You must attend this meeting Friday if you have never raced wheel-to-wheel before, or never raced with ChampCar before. If you have new members on your team, or if you have not raced with ChampCar this year you are encouraged to attend. Look at it this way, the more we discuss things on Friday, the shorter the driver's meeting on Saturday. Please note the time change in the Supplemental Rules.
Pits and Garages: Still reading, wondering where your pit and garage assignments are? They are  here.
Pit and garage alignment at Sebring is tough. If you rented a garage you are assigned to the corresponding pit. If you did not rent a garage, you only get the pit stall. As you can see on the assignments, we have some garages left. If you would like to rent one contact me and I will put you in one. 
For those of you running on Friday, please make note of your pit and garage assignments. I have no control regarding where you are located Friday, but for our race, these are your locations.
Some of the pit stalls are doubled up, some are not. If you are doubled up please make room for each other. You probably requested it anyway. If you are fortunate enough to have a pit to yourself please be generous and share some space. Thanks for understanding.
Sunday Services: An organization called Hot Rod Rev's will be racing with us. They will conduct a short Non-Denominational service Sunday morning at 7:30. We will announce the location on Saturday, but if you are interested in Sunday services please feel free to attend.
One more time if you want to print out the Supplemental Rules for this event here.

If you have any questions about the Sebring race please email me here.

All the best -
Your ChampCar Staff 
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Avoid the inside line under the bridge at turn 17 , even if it seems intuitive to go there , the biggest dip on the track is there , and it is big...there is a black squarish asphalt patch about 3 feet by 3 feet as you start your 17 turn in...stay 2 car widths to the outside of that and all is good.

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Our team, #30 Witchwood Motorsport might have 1 or 2 stints for sale on Sunday. We just did the Sebring 14 hour in September and finished in a very respectable 16th overall with a couple brand new drivers {me}. Our car {2003 BMW 330i} was recently professionally built from the ground up with a huge focus on safety safety safety. I will be looking for a driver or drivers that have a solid resume of experience. In return, you will get a reliable and very well built car to drive with all the newest safety bits and a cage built by an ex Group B Rally driver/mechanic. If interested, please stop by our pit stall #57 Friday or Saturday and ask for Rowen. Or you can message me here. Thanks!

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