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Rules page updated

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I have updated some of the information on the rules page



Added pre-tech inspection via Skype.

Jay Mauney memo about how to pass Inspection hints

2020 BCCR placeholder text.


the 2020 BCCR is now in the hands of the CCES BOD for final review. On September 1, I will make the links live.


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  • Technical Advisory Committee

Thanks @Bill Strong 

As a TAC member, I just texted you with a suggestion to group 3 items on the ChampCar Rules & Regs page together, so that our members can find them easier.



Jay had previously provided written this document --> https://champcar.org/mainweb/pdf/2019RulesInterpretation_v2019_v1.pdf

His new memo about "how to pass Inspection hints" and the 1 above should probably be grouped together, along with the link that directs members to the forum section you created for these updates, titled https://forum.champcar.org/forum/61-bccr-technical-updates/


Thanks for your assistance in helping the TAC achieve 1 of its' goals - improved communication and clarification of BCCR rules questions.

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