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mustang steering lock


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1 hour ago, Earl said:

I am new to Champ racing and in the process of preparing an 03 Mustang for the Pittsburgh Event.  I need advice on removing or disabling the steering lock.  Any help appreciated.


i removed the column, removed everything that was bolted, drilled then pinned the lock into the unlock position.

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Most ignition locks will have a bar that engages the column lock. If you disable\remove\break this the key can still be used in the ignition as your ignition\start switch but the column will not lock in key off. 


That is how i did my car. Cheap and fast. 


In this example for a ford truck when you turn key to off position a pin moved up into the steering wheel to lock the wheel from moving. Pulling that pin (if you run a wheel it could even touch) would remove the column locking function.



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