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EF Civic Hatch with 2019 log book / tech sticker

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Edit to add Price:$3000
This car has a 2019 ChampCar tech sticker and log book.  It is a 275 point car.  Lots of room to make it faster.
The car turns like it's on rails and stops really well.  
It ran at NCM earlier this year.  Finished the first day 23 out of 58 with 4 first time ChampCar / road race drivers.
Motor is a ZC swap with a rebuilt si transmission with LSD.  The rebuild was done by synchrotech.  Rear drum brakes were replaced with integra disc brakes and prop valve.
Belts and window net are good to go.
The RS4's on the car did 8 hours at NCM and 40 minutes of autocross.
The only thing it will need to go race is a fire suppression bottle.  We put in all new nozzles and plumbing before NCM.
After NCM we put a header and good intake on it.  It woke the motor up.  It was falling a bit flat before it hit the rev limiter now it pulls hard all the way up.
Last weekend we did 48 autocross runs in it and it did great.  1,2,3,4,7, and 9th in STM.  It burned zero oil.  The motor is solid.
I have an extra ZC motor that has a fresh bottom end.  There is also a spare ZC transmission.  It will need a clutch to be 100%.  I will wait to sell the spare engine to give the buyer of the car first shot.
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Price Drop, $3000 with extra long block, extra transmission with LSD. 


Had it on an alignment machine last week to get the settings and found the upper ball join on the passenger side needs to be replaced.  Everything else checked out.


You can go racing by adding a fire suppression bottle and fixing a ball joint.  If its a big deal I will do the ball joint.


Still not burning oil, still turns like its on rails.


Matt Childs




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