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Canada to Daytona

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We are looking at Daytona 2020 and wondering how sturdy our sturdy ol' Astro Van actually is! Will it make it all the way from Toronto to FL?


Is anyone making the Trek and have an extra spot in a hauler that I can pay for, or want to haul it down for us and join the team?


shoot... I've been eying this race since starting with champ in 2014 and have never pulled the trigger. Does this post make it official??!!   Daytona is a power track right??!! #letthebigdogeat

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29 minutes ago, thewheelerZ said:


Yeah, about that....  I assume you are talking about the OG #626 right??!!


Ive already been thinking about a number change to 627, but let me tell you, my team wont be happy!


@thewheelerZ Is that the original car?

Any pics of the new one? I get confused...


edit: duh, this is obviously the new Maxima. After seeing Moparboyy's post and pic, i realize your 626 was the Black Mambo car.

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6 minutes ago, mcoppola said:

@thewheelerZ Is that the original car?

Any pics of the new one? I get confused...


Nope, that was the new/current car.  2002 Nissan Maxima.


The REAL OG 626 was a '98 that got crashed in its first year at Mosport T3:



The 2nd and much loved was a '95, crashed at T1 of Calabogie:


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