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Miata wheels

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2 hours ago, cmi11er said:

The ChampCar Garage FB page had a post today about lots of 6UL's breaking on people - just relaying information, no personal experience


I feel its more of an internet witch hunt. We have had one fail on us. It was a gen 2, which had known faults, it was also bent, which we knew, and we still chose to run it. 


I didn't gather a lynch mob to incite the internet with rage, we just slapped another one on and finished 6th. Posted my video in that thread of it happening. 

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8 hours ago, cowboys647 said:

We’ve used 15x7 kosei k1s, then 15x8 advanti storm s2. We’ll be trying out the 15x9 Koenig Dekagram next race. Only have had wheels brake during contact. 

We had a set of kosei wheels as well, they were nice.  We did have one that ended up with the stud holes elongating, but chalked that up to a faulty torque wrench and a hurried morning.

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I researched Miata wheels extensively, and started having Focus hubs built with the 4x100 pattern due to the many choices available. Good-win-Racing and gomiata.com seem to have the best assortment, as well as our series sponsor, Tire Rack. All of the wheels mentioned above are pretty good choices, although I have no experience running them, but have talked to people who have.

The flow form wheels - Advanti S1 and S2's, Konig's, 949 6UL's and Jongbloed's - all seem to weigh about 10.5-12.5 lbs. depending on if they're 15x7, 8 or 9 wide. Not sure about the Kosei's weight or construction.

The TRM (Tire Rack brand) wheels are not flow formed, and are a bit heavier at around 15-16 lbs. 

Most all of these wheels are in the $109-$150 price range, with the 6UL's and Jongbloed's being a bit more expensive.

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