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I wanted to be Darrin Stephens as a kid...

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Dick York of course, but as such I am a student of marketing and image.  I look at things from a level of "who is the competition".


Who is the competition these days?  It isn't NASA, or SCCA as they don't offer anything remotely similar. 


WRL, AER, LeMons.... ???  AER is an arms race apparently and if I had to choose, probably the closest in speeds.


But, I can't help thinking someone is looking much further over the horizon, as in Pirelli, GrandAm, DTM level competition.... and sadly, pricing many of us out of the series whether by speeds or costs....


But, I'm sure it is just me... 😉

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On 9/10/2019 at 10:40 PM, pintodave said:


Oh come on don't be so over dramatic, that is just the latest "200 TW" tire, I'm sure they'll last at least 2 races stints. 

Lol looks like that post was a joke to get people to read the sups. Remember AER is the one where you cang Jack the car in the hot pits, only the paddock. The faster teams all start with fresh tires that can last the whole race no sahlens shenanigans.

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