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Seat available for Harris Hill

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I currently have 2-3, 90-100 minute stints available for the Harris Hill race September 27-29th.


We are running a recently built B-class Ford Focus SVT that had it's first race in March at Harris Hill.  We run a F.A.S.T. based cool-suit system, IMSA wired in-car radio, driver hydration bladder, and the obligatory in-car go-pro.  The car is surprisingly well balanced for a FWD car and can out-brake most other cars on the track.  After some post-race adjustments, we have significantly improved turn-in, reduced understeer, and improved overall reliability so we are cautiously optimistic that the car will do very well.  We are serious about racing and will shoot for 5 minute pit-stops, but we are also in this to have fun.


We provide lunch both days and may be able to provide housing for out of town drivers.  W2W experience is definitely preferred, but HPDE experience will be considered.  Excessive risk taking, intentional contact, or other nonsense will not be tolerated.


If interested, shoot me a PM here or send an email to brakingbadly@outlook.com and I'll get back to you shortly.




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I'm looking for a steady endurance ride - unfortunately, I can't make the Harris Hill race, but would like to discuss your plans.  How many races per year do you expect to do, and what tracks are you expecting to race?  I'll look forward to hearing from you.  Email is michael.langlinais@outlook.com

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On 9/21/2019 at 8:31 AM, 333 Kinkle said:

Breaking badly

I am interested. Raced against you in March.  I raced my own car the orange foxbody mustang ship box. We ran well all weekend. Registered late and on waiting list. Looks like nobody has fallen out thus looking for a ride possibly.






I'm not sure what the wait list looks like, but I'm aware of one car that's fallen out this week already.

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