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27 minutes ago, Ray Franck said:

So I want to nominate a member how do I find out their number  ?

Two seats are open can I nominate two members  ?

Ask them for their number.  You also need your number.  I think you can nominate more than two but I'm not certain. 

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Guest E. Tyler Pedersen

I will be looking to run for another term. I would appreciate your nomination and vote if you think I've done a good job for this organization for the last year and a half. I plan on writing up some items I have done and where I see the series in the next 3 years. 


Member number is 3470

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On 9/18/2019 at 11:58 AM, Slugworks Paul said:

doc, are you going to create a thread or can I ask you questions here?

Yes I will Paul. Busy weekend on site at Sebring for ChampCar Live. Please be patient. I have had no sleep since 5AM on Saturday. It is now 11:47 Sunday night.

I don't know how I do it. Most likely I never learned better.

I have NO IDEA how @Bill Strong does it. Maybe if I was a younger man??? He and @Paulie do the heavy lifting. Figuratively and real world.

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Doc for President!


Thanks Doc for pointing me in the correct direction upstairs this weekend, and thanks to all those that help make this series what it is!


-Please go to Sebring this weekend and support "Kids Racing For Life!" Anyone is welcome, and you can bring a less than fortunate child around the race track. Costs nothing to you aside from showing up, BUT, you make a lasting impression on a child who may not see their next birthday.


Thank you everyone, super smooth race, we have no complaints!


-Signed "Team Propaganda".....


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