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Nomination for Mike Coppola to the BoD

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LOL, thanks @Ron_e!!! :) (  I would've put a "thanks" on your post too, but I'm still laughing about how it was written - so, Thanks!)


Yes, I've noticed this thread. Thank you @Slugworks Paul for the consideration and nomination?, and to Rob @wvumtnbkr for your support too. I am honored that out of the blue, without me voicing a desire to run, members would consider me for a position on the Board of Directors.

I do know why however... I've always rooted for the underdog, or the little guy, whatever you want to call it. I've longed to go road racing for many years while pursuing other forms of racing (motocross, dune buggies, sand drags, etc.) Having worked for Roush and Team Viper as a fabricator/engineering tech, I have been involved in some of their efforts and successes, but I have never really had the means to do it on my own - until ChumpCar/ChampCar came around. My desire is thatChampCar always stays that way, giving people a place o realize their dreams, without having to spend their life's fortune to do so.


The "why I was considered for the BoD" I speak of is due to the fact that I've become fully engaged in ChampCar, and have a strong desire to keep it a series that the underdog, or little guy, or the one who's being discriminated against - still has a fair chance. Even before being picked as a TAC member, I've lobbied to have fair, clear and WRITTEN rules spelled out in the BCCR, so that when a team shows up for Tech, they are not surprised by unwritten rules like the window net date rule that caused some teams to fail tech, or arbitrary values being assigned for items at the track that do not reflect their performance potential when compared to other listed items on the FPV list.

I think some of that lobbying, along with a car builder's knowledge and experience, are reasons I was picked for the TAC. I've at times been an outspoken member on the TAC, and have ruffled some feathers, all due to the fact that I listen to the racers, read what is being written here on the forum, exchange PM's and emails with a lot of members, and I continue to fight for fair, clear rules, and to communicate them to the masses. From the time when the TAC was first considered to come into being, my thoughts were that ChampCar is a GREAT SERIES, but that just like everything else in life, some improvements can be made. I feel the TAC's responsibility is to push for a BCCR that can be followed by a builder so that when they show up to a race, they aren't surprised with point assessments that were unexpected, and weren't communicated effectively in the BCCR or in Technical bulletins/explanations.

I also feel my responsibility as a TAC member is to be a "customer advocate" or "voice of the customer," and to bring YOUR concerns to the TAC, BoD, Tech, and CEO in the interest of maintaining that level playing field for ALL. One only needs to go to the races, or read what is written here on the forums, to know the issues that most members complain about. Some are relative to VPI's for certain makes, some are swap related issues that seem to favor certain makes at times, some are weights assigned to certain vehicles that make them appear to be 'favored' over other makes, etc, etc, etc... I try to do my best to listen to all sides of these issues, figure out what make the most sense relative to fairness for all, and I then lobby, or fight to do what makes the most sense and fairness. I've not always been right. We have a very knowledgeable people within the TAC, Tech, BoD, and CEO. Some of their reasoning and explanations have enabled me to look at things from another perspective, so there are many sides to a lot of the issues.


 Without writing a book here, the words above tell the membership a little bit about me, my efforts, and the reasons I feel some members support me in a run for the BoD. As I said, I am HONORED that my efforts have yielded your consideration. I take my responsibilities as a TAC member seriously, and plan to continue doing so.

My feelings right now are very mixed as far as running for the Board of Directors. The BoD members whose terms are up, Tyler @E. Tyler Pedersen and Doc, have my utmost respect and support for what they've done. I feel they are worthy to be re-elected! Having said that, I have mixed emotions about putting my efforts toward a full run for the BoD this year. I have read our bylaws, and know a candidate needs at least 5 nominations, and that the bylaws state that the 10 candidates with the most nominations will be put on the ballot for election. I have said in the past that at times I feel my mission or destiny within this organization is more as an administrator than a racer. I want to see others achieve the same dream that this series has enabled me to.  I truly appreciate your support. If things work out this year, so be it. Let's see where your support takes this. If not, my plan will be to make a full fledged, whole hearted run next year.

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Thanks Glen. I had the same thoughts and questions. Doc is currently ChampCar's secretary, as well as being on the BoD.

Since his position encompasses both jobs, who would be the secretary if he is not re-elected? 

Would he remain as the secretary, or would a newly elected board member also fulfill that additional responsibility?

I discussed this with Tyler and think I know the answer, but I am not an official that can state it.

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  • Technical Advisory Committee
28 minutes ago, ABR-Glen said:

Coppola for President 2021!


Why is it that we elect people to BOD without considering individual positions, i.e. secretary, treasurer etc. , maybe that will change next year ?

Perhaps a viable petition is in order?

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