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Beers we drink from champcar friends

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I know a lot of racers are sharing beers from across the country.  I figured this would be a cool thread to have pics of us drinking the beers we got at the races.


Thanks to @FlorahDorah for this delicious peanut butter milk stout.


It's delicious!



Btw, @E. Tyler Pedersen house and enjoying time with various racers.


Expecting @mcoppola, @NigelStu, Bryan ( @bbaker480) is here right now.




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On the way buddy!!

beer? Besides that I'm bringing a bottle of Jose Cuervo margarita mix. Same thing we celebrated Bavarian mustache werks win at Gingerman with!

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18 minutes ago, FlorahDorah said:

@wvumtnbkr you are most welcome! 


I have to remember to take a picture now.... 


Fun fact: @M.Brane and I had Delirium Tremens on tap last night. OMG. Belgians are our one of our most favoritist beers....

Ah, the dt.   Good stuff!  They have one that is even higher in alcohol too.  That shizz will make your night happen with a quickness.

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