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Competitive driver seeking a seat for the race at Road America in October

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Good evening, 

           My name is Jason and I am still  seeking a team in need of a driver for Gingerman in August. I have raced two races with one being in Chump car and the second one with Champ Car. I ran with a team that had a 2004 Acura TL in both races with the first Race was at Road America and the second one at Brainerd. I ran in the rain at Road America for my first race and I ran a 3:48 which was 12 plus seconds faster then any of my teammates. At Brainerd I put up a 2:03 for the first day which was 2nd fastest on our team and I dont recall my time on the second day. I am easy going and always up to help out with any work that needs to be done on the car and working the pits. Thanks

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Hi Jason, my name is Jon. I have a miata available for rent. For more info please see my post labeled "Miata for rent at RA..." in the "The Source for Cars" section of the forum. I already had a couple guys contact me about putting a team together, they just need another driver. Take a look at my post and give me a call. Thanks, Jon 

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