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HDEO In Racing


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Just what we need! another oil thread! I am looking for a poll of people that have run an HDEO oil in any weight or any brand (for example Rotella, 10W30, 5W40, 15W40) in their race car(s) for long periods and had success. I currently run a racing oil; availability and cost of a common HDEO just cannot be beaten. The point of contention I hear is that HDEOs have lots of detergents and not as many AW additives compared to a race oil.

Has anyone run 100+ race hours on any HDEO, happy with performance on teardown?

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I don't know what HDEO is, but I do use oil in my race cars. 

I use whatever full synthetic oil I can get the cheapest. When the napa band full synthetic was on sale for $1.99 a quart, I bought out 5 stores and ended up with a few hundred quarts. That only lasted me about 6 months but it was great. 


It is quite common that my car might have 1 quart of rotella t6 5w30, one quart of M1 5w40, 3 quarts of whatever was on sale at the store etc. etc. 

I change the oil after every  event. 

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39 minutes ago, wd6681 said:

HDEO is 'Heavy Duty Engine Oil', most call it diesel oil, but many are rated for both gas and diesel. Common products are Shell Rotella, Chevron Delo, etc.

 10 years, 45+ races  mostly all on shell Rotella 15-40 Dino 

 Two sets of rod bearings never an oil related failure on one engine, rod out the block on another but it was probably way overdue for age reasons, another engine overheated all day no Oil related failures, current engine running strong Podiumed third place last Saturday.

 Only common denominator, with all but the current, seems to be worn out rings 


 For reference:

 Stock Nissan/ infiniti v6 & v8  High revving engines 

one race equals  roughly  1000 miles 

 Oil changed every event 

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