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Aero goodies, from Nine Lives Racing

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We are developing a front aero kit for NA/NB miatas!


We've been doing CFD tests for this, so these designs are actually backed from data too! Not surprising to most here, the typical combination of air-dam, 3-4" splitter, ducting, and low drag rear wing makes for a good aero balance on a NA/NB. So the wheel isn't being completely reinvented on this configuration. Though it is improved upon, backed with testing, and most importantly..... making it easier to bring this type of aero to the masses.

The goal of this kit is to be a bolt-on install process, no fabrication required, and sturdy enough to hold up to your typical track abuse within reason!!

The kit will include air-dam pre-cut, radiator ducting, splitter, and splitter mounts. Prototype version 1 here, changes have already happened and will likely continue.

The kit is modular, meaning you won't have to run the air-dam if you don't want to. The splitter can be specified in it's size, so it can flush with the air-dam or entirely behind the bumper line to be an "under-tray". It fits with OEM bumpers, NB pictured here.

It even works with the tow-hooks.

Once finalized we'll have entire aero packages, including this front-aero kit and a rear wáng. High, medium, and low down-force options will be available. The one on my car is the medium config and likely the most popular option. The entire medium option package will have a price-point lower than your typical carbon-fiber wing kit. 

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We did some testing on another splitter material, 1/2" plastic. It had some strong suits, but a few faults.


Conclusion for this material, requires too many mounts which increases the costs. We've got alumalite on the machine this week, more testing to come. FYI, this is version 8 of our front aero...... we want this to be done right.

In wáng news, new 350z V2 kit shipping out today for testing! Trunk mount and less expensive than V1 kit.


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18 hours ago, Shawn Sampson said:

Looks great - Might want to add a "screen" to keep stuff from going into radiator?


I had this same type of setup on a miata as well - keeps tire rubber and other stuff out

Yup! Final revision on mine will definitely include a screen. I'm not sure if we'll include it in our kits by default or leave it up to the user.

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