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Newbie Race Team Forming-Columbus, Ohio

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New Race Team, located in Columbus, Ohio

We are putting together a new race team looking for members with good mechanical skills, welding experience if you have race experience that's a plus but not a deal breaker.

Planning on mostly Champcar racing and maybe a few Lemon Events. Hoping to have a car ready by March of 2020.


A few people have text me with Questions so I decided to update post.


Q - what type of car do you have?

A - were still deciding on what car will best fit are needs and doing research.


Q - what type of engine will you run?

A - one of the team members is one of Columbus, Ohio top high performance engine builders and high speed vehicle mechanic. So what ever we run in the team car will be reliable and dependable.


Q - how much will it cost to join the team? 

A - were hoping to get a minimum of 5 members, we would really like 7 members because we understand that all members won't be able to make all the events. We figured we could put a car on the track for its 1st race including entry fees for around $12,500 dollars. So with 5 members that would be $2500 for each member including the 1st race. After that all members would share equally on all cost, except for personal safety gear, personal travel expenses. 


Q - were in Columbus is the team located?

A - I won't give the current location during text but if your seriously interested we can talk on the phone. What I can tell you, we currently have a huge shop with everything you would need to build and maintain a race car all in house. 


Q - does any current members have in road racing experience?

A - No were all newbie when in comes to road racing, I have 3 years experience racing AMA flat track, 10 years experience racing dirt track cars from Street Stocks up to Mods. I also have 2 years experience racing drag cars with my best finish 2nd in the all Ohio Ford Championship. I do have very limited pavement experience. 

If interested contact me by text @ 740-704-5705


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Very interested. I am located out east, near Baltimore, and looking to get a team started again, or get on a team. Been A&D the last couple years after our original team morphed into a seat rental business. Have dozens of races in 24HL, CC, AER, plus 4x4 and ProRally. Certificated Welder, I also come with: car trailer, 100+ ft. of DOM cage tubing from aborted build, radios for car & pits, fuel jugs, etc.


Agree with what @LuckyKid is hinting at. Building a car is fun, but doing it right is expensive & time consuming. My recommendation for getting started is buy an existing racecar to gain experience and keep the team interested, while the build is ongoing. The starter car can be sold when new build is ready.


Will txt you tomorrow AM.

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I have much e30/34/36 experience. Also have a busted E30 328es car that is being considered as a build basis, but probably with a stupid engine swap (M52B30TU?) which will cost a zillion points. I'm located out east, by Baltimore/pickerington. Please email me at my forum name at gmail dot comm to discuss a GTG.

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17 hours ago, E. Tyler Pedersen said:

I'm in the Edon OH area. Let me know if you all need any help at any time. I currently run an e30 in the series too. 

He has lots of good advise but you better stock your frig before he comes over! The boy can drink beeeeerrrrrrrr!

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