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93 Taurus SHO for sale! Current Lemons/GLTC car.

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For sale! $3500

1993 Taurus SHO


Has been a LeMons car since 2012. Always classed as A class and relatively fast. Usually finishes inside the top 20 even with drivers that like to go off track. Runs really long on fuel, about 2 and a half hours. It's fastest lap at Gingerman is a 1:49.2. Has upgraded brakes and a LW flywheel + under-drive pulley. Also has electric power steering to help reduce engine losses. Car is very reliable when put on a maintenance schedule between races. Has a custom 6 point Cage. Motor is original with over 250k miles but runs really strong. Fire suppression was installed this past off season and has another year before it needs recert. 


Car comes with plenty of spares.

4+ totes of parts

2 spare transmissions

2 spare engines

3 full sets of wheels


Usually runs 1 to 2 endurance races a year between Gingerman, Autobahn, and more recently PittRace. 


Car will be at Gingerman for the LeMons race if anyone wants to view it. Feel free to ask questions either in comments or in a PM.


-Max Lupfer

SHOuth of the Border





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