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FOR SALE: 1999 BMW 328is 2-door 5 spd

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FOR SALE: 1999 BMW 328is, 2 door, 5 spd.

Car is located in the people's republic of New Jersey, it has 218,000 miles (original clutch). I have enjoyed driving it for the past 10months, yet I only expected to drive for around 6months until I got my C4 Corvette on the road. Well, due to other projects, I didn't get to finish the C4 in time so I bought a 2001 Z06 as my daily. So, now I have this BMW which I would love to turn into a track car but I already have two other cars that i'm planning builds for (C4 and C10). So I am putting this BMW up for sale.


The Good:

It has maintenance and repair records going back to 2001. It runs really well, starts right up every time and I've put about 6000 miles on it and i've added only about half a quart of oil during that time. The motor internals seem to still be very strong. I do not see much rust at all, It's got bilsteins and lowering springs from the previous owner, I replaced thermostat housing and fan clutch and the heat is AMAZING. I had replaced a cam sensor a couple of months ago which did solve a slight drop in power, the new cam sensor brought it back to its rev happy self. It is still fun to drive and really feels good for its age. I think it's a solid platform to build a track car or as a daily. 


The Bad:

It will probably need a new power steering pump soon, as well as a VANOS rebuild or its just a sticking VANOS. I have not had time to diagnose but intermittently the CEL appears with a code which indicates it could be related to VANOS. However, I have not noticed any drivability issues. The steering wheel makes the typical occasional whine at idle, it could just be a leak but then again probably needs a new pump. I have not had time to look thoroughly. It had a slight water leak at the windshield, around the area of the rear view mirror.  I removed the headliner (which has fabric separation) to find the leak which I haven't put back yet. It would drip on occasion in heavy rain but never bothered me too much. I have stopped it for the most part with a black windshield sealant. The ABS light and traction control lights are on...this could be from the brake pedal switch which sometimes would cause the warning center to say that the brake lights aren't working...but the brake lights did work. Anyway, the switch needs to be replaced regardless, I think I have the replacement in my sack of stuff. Or it could be a wheel sensor etc. I haven't had time to really investigate. And lastly, since I hated slipping and sliding on the leather seats I cut out sections of the leather in order to make a cloth cover fit in a grippy fashion and every leather seat should grip this well...frack leather...lol. 


As I said I have some extra parts (water pump, coolant reservoir, BMW coolant, misc)


I could slowly repair these issues and would love to keep the car to see if the engine and clutch make it to 250,000 miles but I have like 6 other vehicles....in that I also have a 2000 Ford Van which could be a great race hauler. I've thought about making this a track car, as an E36 is the standard for ChampCar but I just think the C4 as a track car would be a more interesting project. So, i've posted the BMW for sale here first, hoping some team out there is looking for a good E36 to start turning into a track car.  Half of the issues are daily-driver type problems which would not matter for a race build.


So, here it is, for sale $1500.


I will post some more pics later.





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