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87 300zx for sale. $4500

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Build the car and 15 and first race was and 16. Past inspection and we drove by Daytona and after three hours the turbo blew out. We drove the car back to Atlanta and the team really never mess with it since. The main mechanic moved. We have a new turbo on it but still needs to be started and gone over. It passed inspection and 16, its inaugural season, with a regular gas tank. It would now need a fuel cell. And it would need Plexiglas put in it. When we bought the car it was an incredible shape only had hundred 118,000 miles on it. We redid the top and and took a lot of weight off. Some more we could probably be taken off. I've tried desperately to put a team together here in Atlanta to no avail. I think we have about 7K in the car. Plus the slightly used race car tires that are on it. This should be a perfect car for a new team and you could be in the correct track quickly. I've been advised that we should probably just take the turbo off.Text me at 404-663-3466, Dean, I will send picks ect.

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not my car... but it is also listed on the ATL area CL https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/cto/d/cumming-300zx-racecar-chumpcar/6998786186.html


also in the ATL area CL there is this lemons 300Z... https://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/cto/d/lilburn-1985-nissan-300zx-racecar/6991533699.html


get both...  two cars makes... one car with spare parts. 

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