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G force enduro belts


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Anybody tried them yet?


They look like they have some very good features and may be pretty good.


At half the cost of the scroth enduro, I figured somebody would gone them a shot.




Just looking for feedback.



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Wow, good find Rob. I've never seen these before, is it a new offering from G-Force?

Very economical price! I have to replace the G-Force 6 point camlock belts I have currently (Out of date), and was going to bite the bullet for the Schroth's. These have all the features of the Schroth Enduros - the only thing remaining would be to see if they adjust as easily as the Schroths'. There are different fabrics used, and the Schroth is by far the easiest to adjust, as they are very smooth. If this belt has decent fabric that doesn't bind while trying to adjust, I would say they will be great. 

The only other issue is that i would never run with a clip in belt. It says these belts are wrapped on the ends, if that's true, and the ends can be replaced to get rid of the clip in feature, then i may well buy a set.

Is anyone running these now that can comment on them?

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I ran the clip in style (scroth)  with my wreck in Charlotte.  No issues.


I will gladly run the clip in style again.


The scroth was wrapped around the clip.  I imagine these are the same.  Can probably just wrap around a bolt in plate versus the clip in platem

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My friends at Pyrotect have had FIA camlocks for a while at a very affordable price.  I removed an out of date set of Schroth and the Pyrotects looked much better and included hardware and no plastic parts.  https://pyrotectstore.com/product/ultra-light-3-fia-6-point-cam-lock-harness

Gforce is a well known safety gear supplier.  The better thing is Discovery Parts give Champcar a 10% discount and free shipping on most items making the gforce an even better bargain.

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