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Car wont start after rebuild - tips & tricks wanted

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21 hours ago, turbogrill said:


My only concern would be that the fuel pump would be running and squirting fuel on me while I am unconscious after crashing into a crown vic. 


But will try it!




I run all three of our pumps on toggle switches to main power instead of MS as well and it's helped a ton with diagnosing issues. Only problem is when a driver accidentally turns them off while driving....

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If none of the basics fix it, check your ignition timing at start, could be too advanced. The car did not run megasquirt before? What output on the megasquirt are you using to fire the coils?

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FYI the easiest way to test ignition is to use the test mode in the program, you can select the frequency etc and just ground a plug and check it out. Following that working you should indeed check it out with the starter cranking.

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It's alive! Puking oil from oilpan gasket and smoking from the head but it runs :)

Engine sounds awesome, big cam on a straight six sounds amazing. With ITBs and lots of headwork this cam could do 100 hp/l. (I am far from that).


Fixed the following:


1. Low on fuel
Added some more fuel and the fuel pressure is now perfect. The hydramat must have been sucking in fumes.
In addition to the mechanical fuel pressure gauge I have a electrical one. Very nice to see fuel pressure in the logs.


2. Timing was wrong
I had calculated the degrees between "first tooth" and TDC wrong. Instead of 680 degrees I had entered 40 degrees. 
Confusion comes from the timing marks on the pulley shows degrees as a before TDC and not actual engine angle. Also the dizzy goes CCW.


3. Ignition wiring
2 of the ignition coils didn't even fire, 1 of the ignition coil was firing the wrong cylinder.

Using the TestMode feature in tunerstudio the above was easy to diagnose.


Thanks everyone!

I am using Nippondenso CAS and VW wasted spark logic towers, cheap and easy. LS coils is a bit over kill for my application and I couldn't get a trigger wheel with sensor to mount properly.

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