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1 minute ago, Huggy said:

4 of us from my understanding, unless that has been amended since the email went out to the nominees:





@hotrod (Bernie Myers)

I, for some reason, counted @Jer as running even though I know his term isn't up because I've seen him weigh in in most if not all the BOD nom threads.  Which is a big reason why he'd get my vote again if he were running.  Thanks for all your hard work Jer.


That being said, this year's vote is going to take a lot of thought, @hotrod, @Huggy, @E. Tyler Pedersen, @Doc, y'all sure aren't making this easy.


On a 100% different note, Chisek isn't the only person who likes team t-shirts, coughXLcough lol.

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@Jer are you sure you're supposed to reveal that yet? I asked Chisek a few weeks back in a TAC conversation on our Slack app, and he said we'd have to wait until everyone accepted the nomination, and we'd find out on Nov. 1st.

BTW, how come you're not on Slack?

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2 hours ago, Jer said:

Sorry to post in your threads.  I'll stop now.  



You may have misread my post Jer.  I wasn't accusi g you of doing anything wrong, your name just jumped into my head as I was doing the mental tally while making this thread.  It was not a number I was putting a lot of thought into.


I appreciate your perspective, and it's clear from your posts that you're far more "invested" in the health of the series then some of the other Board members.  I value your opinion, and you have every right to post in all of the BOD Nom threads, especially if either your questions, or responses help spur the current nominees to express their opinions on as many subjects as possible that the BOD is involved.  All of the responses are data to help those of us who are voting to make the most informed decision possible.

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2 hours ago, Bill Strong said:

This will be announced by the BOD on Nov 1.

I will post up all of the info along with the election ballot and an email sent to all current members.




If you're posting the election ballot, then isn't it too late?


I was curious if there were any people who had been nominated, but maybe not received the correct amount of nominations to actually be on the ballot.


Or I'm mistaken about the process.  Don't worry, I'm mistaken a Lot.


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11 minutes ago, dogtired said:

Isn't Slack a streaming radio service?  Or, maybe it is my help..... I cain't keep those two straight...

Slack is an app for group texts, discussions, info sharing, etc.

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2 hours ago, ABR-Glen said:

You wouldn't have to post all these explanations of what happened in the meetings if the minutes were posted...just sayin'


I moved Glen's comment above from Huggy's thread to keep that clean.


I think that would be the secretary's job. But I know @doc currently wears many, many hats. 

I'm thinking that some of his responsibilities could be split up. Trying to be the secretary, Board member, club statistician, broadcaster, race recap writer, and the many other jobs that he does for the club that are unseen are difficult for any human being.

Not only Doc's jobs, but @jer is also the Treasurer of the Club.  

I sometimes wonder if the responsibilities of secretary and treasurer should be split away from a role of Board member, or if more board member positions need to be added.

Or possibly, could we use some volunteers that could take over some of the other jobs, and have positions such as: race recap writer, statistician, etc?

I know our current BoD works very hard for us, I just wonder if additional help is needed as the club grows... Just some food for thought, or possible petition...

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