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Gen 7 Celica GTS...Why does no one use this car??

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Working on a 7th Gen for Lucky Dog.

As for the CV boots, how low is too low? It has H&R springs now. Followed by an R so guessing the racing spec ones. Looking like it is about 1.5" drop.

Also what reccomendations do people have on suspension setup? Coilovers, struts? If so which ones? I see MWR has a decent selection not looking to drop $ for KW's but looking for best bang for the buck. B/C vs AGW struts?


Already dropped way too much money into valves, cam springs, oil pan etc to make it reliable. Also did the stage 2 MWR cams because, why not...


Any reccomendations to make a reliable and decent speed 7th Gen Celica GT-S for endurance racing would be appreciated. 



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The 2ZZ powered GTS is not on the VPI list.  It is just the Celica GT which is a 1ZZ.   I raced a 2ZZ GTS for many years.  It has tremendous potential.  I did a 2:26 at Sebring in a 2ZZ Celi

Ask for the 944 exemption.

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On 10/31/2019 at 6:49 PM, Round3Racing said:

The 2ZZ powered GTS is not on the VPI list.  It is just the Celica GT which is a 1ZZ.


I raced a 2ZZ GTS for many years.  It has tremendous potential.  I did a 2:26 at Sebring in a 2ZZ Celica on Hoosiers.  2:09 at Daytona.  It is a very fast car.  The 1ZZ...not so much.


The transmission also has some fatal flaws.  It is super easy to do the 5th to 2nd money shift.  Virtually every Celica racer has done it.  TRD built a really cool speed-based 2nd gear lockout for the Pro/Celeb cars, but you'd basically have to buy one of those cars to get it...or beg me for the one that I have left.


The 2ZZ is a great engine, but it is temperamental.  You'd have to be conservative with the tuning, if you were planning to run one in an enduro.  The engine has some super high-rev potential, but you need to build it for that.  Also, I ran out of fuel in 80 minutes at Homestead.  The 2ZZ has zero chance of going to 2 hours on fuel.


I have a ton of Celica 2ZZ videos on my YouTube channel.  Here's a fun one where I started on pole, but the guy starting second and I were never told that there would be a 2nd pace lap around the oval at Homestead.  So, we ended up going to the back.  Passed the whole field.  Fun:  


The company that developed the speed based lockout system was actually developed by a company called Split Second not TRD. However, you are correct in the fact that it was ONLY built for the Celeb/Pro cars. This makes it quite hard to get your hands on unless you want to buy a highly overpriced Celica. I have been searching for this particular item for quite some time now. If you still have one and are willing let it go my AutoX Build would greatly appreciate it.😁 Please let me know 

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Not a Celica GTS with a 2ZZ, however the same family of transaxle.

I have video of a driver where on almost every 3-4 upshift, he crunches 2nd.


Here was my solution, it's easier and much lighter weight than the lock out system.


Use stiffer springs on the cross shift shaft.


This makes a driver actually have to think about getting from the natural position of the 3-4 "gate"  over to the 1-2 gate or the 5-6 gate.  After a few laps, they don't even notice anymore, but don't crunch second.


3-4 can be shifted with one finger, down shift from 5-4 can also be done with one finger, and you never get a 5-2 down shift.



Personally having driven this family of transaxle for over 300k miles,  I've never had an issue, even with the stock springs,  however, when we started endurance racing them, other drivers crunched many gears.



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