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My take on the BOD election contenders

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5 minutes ago, Burningham said:

Congrats on your ability to Monday morning quarterback everything others do.  Keep up the good work, it keeps those of us actually doing something on our toes. 

Again, thanks for clarifying the decisions and the processes behind them. Given recent events, transparency is a wonderful thing. :) 

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19 hours ago, SpeedMaverick said:

I'm only talking about verifying the year of the car. I got my info for one of my cars that had no title off of a long since forgotten website that went into my team log as year make and model. Turned out to be different than what the seller told me.  Using VIN would actually hurt me on one car Ii have because my model year was the year before that lacked disc brakes and rear sway bar. It's all of this unclarified stuff that the VIN could be used to eliminate. That is where my cherry picking statement partially came from. I don't like surprises. Verifying the year could, if I'm not mistaken, determine if a car uses a platform swap or swap calculator. Because I usually run up front, at least eventually, I need to make sure I'm not screwed on some technicality that is subjective at best.




I think this might it's own thread, but hopefully a few real life examples helps better explain what the norm has been in the series for parts usage within a platform.  This is one of the area's of the rules that can be a little hard to follow. The vin of your car doesn't matter, although you better be matching a spec of car that had a US vin or you will need to claim the parts as fixed vpi points (use the sheet). 


One of the cars I know well, the first gen (95-99) neons came with several options and experienced some part changes throughout that generation. There are a few options of suspensions, 2 fuel tank options (95-96 and 96.5+), DOHC and SOHC engines, 2 hub bolt patterns even. There are a few trans gearing options as well. The 95 SOHC engine was a different spec in 95, with a little more cam to it. 


So for options like the hubs that could be purchased as an option in any year, you can run that for zero points on any gen 1 neon. Technically speaking, you cannot run the 96+ fuel tank with the bigger cammed 95 SOHC engine, because that was not a spec you could purchase in 1995. The springs from any option can be run because springs are only limited by diameter in the rules (and they will all be stock diameter or well within the .25 of each other). For options like mufflers and intakes ahead of throttle body that are free on the VPI list you can obviously use anything from a neon or any other source. 


This intent is to allow you to "order" any options that were available as a package (from OEM) by building the car to that spec. Tech should find you car identical to the original car\option of car you are claiming with the exception of things you are claiming as non stock (either as points on fixed fpi, material in not on fixed vpi, or as a 0 point fixed vpi item like mufflers). Differentials were specifically added as something you can pull from any model in your chassis run, to solve the concerns over if the "winter package" on E30's allowed the gearing option several teams wanted to run. This also allows you to use any shell to fix major crash damage, rather than having to scour the earth for a vin that matches the spec of your first car. This isn't meant to allow you to claim an option that you had to be an executive to order because they only made 20 ever.....


If you have more questions on this and want to start a thread in the tech section we can help you out. 

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On 11/9/2019 at 9:26 AM, mender said:

So undervalued that even with the backroom swap weight deal, it appears that E30 teams would rather spend 50 points on aero than take advantage of the lap-free swap. Aero is worth more in lap time on the track than an M50 engine swap.


@Huggy RcF1🏁


From this past weekend:



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13 minutes ago, Black Magic said:


This isn't meant to allow you to claim an option that you had to be an executive to order because they only made 20 ever.....


Those do exist. I owned a 73 Torino with a 71 high compression Boss 351 and top loader 4 speed with a 3.90 Detroit locker. It was built for a high ranking executive from United Airlines. I verified it wasn't a swap when I got the build sheet. I bought it in CA for $800 in 1986 from a guy that didn't know what he had. I paid more for the appraisal and build sheet than I did for the car. It was worth it because it came back at between $18-22k. But, like so many things in CA, it was stolen in 89 and uninsured because it was in storage. Man do I miss that thing.

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