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Will Champcar be iRacing in 2020?


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Has there been a decision yet about whether Champcar iRacing league will continue in 2020?

Races have been pretty sparse this year, but 14 cars took the green flag this week at Barber...

The “Rochester NY contingent” is adding 1 more this month and likely another by Jan, we’re really hoping Champcar will continue.


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As someone who has raced almost every single race, both Atlantic and Pacific (Minus 2, was out of town), the racing has been good and participation has been better than I expected.  I think we as racers need to help spread the word to other Champcar guys who don't race and really pump the league.  Heck if you find someone who you have a good race with in a public lobby invite them.  Champcar has a unique opportunity where sim racers can become real racers and real racers can become sim racers.  Not many other amateur endurance leagues can say that.  And the ones that do don't have the support of Hugh Jass and the broadcast ability that I personally LOVE.

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We hope that the ChampCar Sim Series will continue in 2020. Participation has been slowly on the up and competitiveness through the field has been pretty good this year. There will always be a variability in participation rates at different tracks (art mirroring life at AutoClub, for example) but the fact we now have double digit fields at most paid-content tracks is a good sign. I do believe that the league/production value remains high and, with the prizes on offer from ChampCar, we can continue to grow and use this as a vehicle with which to encourage new teams to attend ChampCar events.


One thing I will mention is that @Doc has been an extremely enthusiastic supporter of our efforts and an invaluable conduit to Mike in gaining buy-in from ChampCar. He is up for re-election currently, and if he were to lose his spot on the BoD then we may lose this support. As league admin I will obviously try and continue to work with ChampCar regardless of the individuals on the board, but any decisions on the 2020 championship may be delayed slightly by this election activity.



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20 minutes ago, hcsi99 said:

We should change it up to the Mustang FR500S for 2020.  


Whilst I love the iRacing Mustang (and am probably faster in it relatively to the NC), I don't think this will be realistic for the 2020 season. Choice of the NC was dictated by the fact it is a) free and b) eligible to run in ChampCar as per the 2019 VPI table.


So, 2020 Solstice it is then.

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15 hours ago, Hugh Jass said:

So, 2020 Solstice it is then.


Yes, please! 


Would be a BLAST IMO but a lot of people would hate it.  I do like the fixed setup, everyone in the same car.  Feels more apples to apples and lets me know just how inconsistent I am and what I need to work on.

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I'm glad to hear Champcar iRacing will continue for 2020!! Thanks all.

A suggestion, is that a year long series is a long time.  We like instant gratification, so perhaps run it like other iRacing series with 4 segments thought out the year with winners for each segment and perhaps still have a overall season long winner.

I like the idea of Mustangs as well 


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