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Miata Parts For Sale

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Hey everyone.  We've decided to go in another direction, so I have a bunch of Miata stuff looking for a new home.  I'd like to keep it in the ChampCar family if possible, so I'm posting here first and will post out to FB and CL next week.  I know there are some Miata teams around Connecticut, so don't be shy.  Message me through here so I know you came from ChampCar.


Below is a list of the the big stuff.  I have some pictures of some things and can take pics of anything you want to see.  For reference, the car was a 1993 1.6 Miata.


  • 4.3 Torsen Diff with axles and driveshaft.  Purchased from Alex Todd at SNS Mazda Parts.  Came off a 2000 Miata, roughly 130K miles.  We never raced this unit.  We had a 3.9 and never got to swap it in.  The 3.9 unit is gone. - $800
  • 4 Konig Dial In 15x7 with Maxxis VR-1 205-50-15.  These are sticker tires purchased summer of 2018. Mounted but never even scuffed.  Two wheels are brand new, two were used in two ChampCar races.  One has some scuffing from contact, but structurally sound, no cracking or anything.  $400
  • 4 Konig Dial In 15x9 with Maxxis VR-1 245-45-15.  Two tires were run for about 3 hours, two tires are pretty shot and likely need to be replaced.  Wheels have 3 hours of use on them.  I'm basically just selling the wheels.  $350
  • 4 generic wheels 15x7 with Cooper street tires on them.  Lots of tread left.  $150
  • Racing Beat tubular front sway bar (support blocks and bolts included) - $100
  • Racing Beat rear sway bar - $75
  • 2 front Bilstein shocks with Ground Control Coil Overs (550lb).  Two races and 3 track days on them.  $150
  • Mandrel Bending Solutions Spec Miata exhaust.  $150
  • Hood with 3 light bars, Singular Hood Louvers and generic hood louvers.  All bracing was cut out, headlight covers pop-rivited to hood and rattle canned black.  $150
  • Drive and Passenger Fender (red).  Small dent on driver fender, but both in great shape. $50 each
  • Front Bumper (red).  Paint is a little faded and some scratches on the bottom, but overall good shape.  $50
  • Front Lip.  Brand new, never mounted.  $40
  • 1.8 Front calipers and brackets w/ Hawk pads and stainless lines.  Will also include all my spare calipers, rotors and pads from my 1.6 brakes if you want them. - $75
  • Brake Master Cylinder.  Used 3 hours.  Will include FM master cylinder brace.  $50
  • De-powered steering rack.  Bought rebuilt from Alex Todd at SNS Mazda Parts.  Never installed on the car (it was our next project).  $150
  • CSF 42mm Two Row Racing Radiator  and ALL misc hoses.  Will include radiator seal plate too.  $150
  • Aluminum Switch Panel. Custom made and well built.  $40
  • TDR Oil Catch Can.  Used for 3 hours.  $50
  • Tow Hooks $25
  • 1.6 engine with Garret 2560 Turbo, Transmission. Turbo is installed and everything is still bolted together as when it came of the track.  Details on what this includes below.  - $1,750
    • Engine has roughly 75k miles on it.  Coolant re-route kit is installed.  550 injectors.  TPS upgrade.  Knock sensor.  With Turbo it made roughly 160hp on the tune we ran.  Lost dyno sheet over the last year though, so you can take that comment for what you think its worth.
    • Garret 2560 Turbo, manifold and down pipe all came from FM and still mounted.  Includes FM heat shield and PTP Turbo Blanket.  Coolant and oil lines installed.  Literally everything the way it came off the track.  Includes FM intercooler and piping as well.  Intercooler and piping were disassembled to get the motor out of the car.
    • Transmission has roughly 75k miles on it.  Includes flywheel and clutch (obviously) and stainless steel cluctch line.


I have a few bins of other misc. spares and parts as well (alternator, bump stops, hood pins, tow hooks, etc).  If you need/want something not listed or have a question send me a message and I'll see what I got.  


Jay Dee

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Right now I'm helping my dad out with his vintage sportsman after running it this past season.  He help me a ton with the Miata, so I feel I have to repay the favor.


I've always had a love for E36's so I think I might head that direction.  I've always loved the shape of them, they just suck me in.  I can't NOT have a car though.  The garage looks so empty....its so sad.

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