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UNOFFICIAL - Barber protest?

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Thoughts from a little guy......

1) It's been 'entertaining' reading this 13 page (so far) thread and the various Facebook threads.  Who knew that 'green font'' was even a thing?

2) Sounds like R3R was not on their best behavior this past weekend.

3) Burningham seems like a very cool guy.  He's just the kind of folks I like to race with.

4) I'm guessing that everyone involved in this drama wishes they could have a 'do over'. 

5) People are going to cheat. Its racing. Get over it. Learn how to race within the rules or learn how to cheat better. Your call.  Its been this way since the start to of time.   

6) Writing a rule book and enforcing it (with minimal resources and staffing) is a REAL hard (nearly impossible) job. Its no wonder rule books grow to hundreds of pages (SCCA, NASCAR, )

7) We are a grass roots racing organization. This is a hobby we're all passionate about.  It is not rocket surgery or life or death. 

8. The organizers and board of directors are a hard working, fair minded, customer focused bunch who do their best, every day, to make it fun for all of us. 

9) Champcar is on the right track.  We've got a full calendar of events with good car counts at lots of great tracks. Race events run smoothly with little drama. When problems arise management uses a common sense approach to resolve the issues as opposed to a long, drawn out, officious process. (I'm looking at you SCCA, Yes,  I know... I'm a 37 year SCCA member) 

10. I get a kick out of rolling into the paddock with our open trailer and seeing the big rigs of Tuttle and Sahlen and the others.  I think its cool that Randy Pobst, Jack Baldwin, Pippa Man, Bill Riley and others come out and join us. They are all here to race just like the rest of us. 

11) I've got total faith that Mike, and Jay, and Bill and Dana and all of the BOD and officials will learn from this weekend and do a better job next time.

12) I can't wait to get out there and do it again.   See you all at Watkins Glen! 

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FYI, because I feel the concern has been clearly communicated and supported by many customers, I deleted the post on the champcar garage facebook page. I think this can stay internal to this forum and limit the bad press for champcar.

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