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Help understanding swaps


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Building a CRX trying to do a K swap to a K20A3 (160 hp)

Points don't seem to be an issue.  VPI after the swap is 200.  I have plenty of points room. 

The $2500 swap cost is hard to define for me.  What do I need to list for the swap?

Using retail prices off various web sites.


Engine (bought 02 RSX Base for $400, got engine, axles, wiring harness, starter etc)

Hasport Engine mounting kit  -- $500  

ECU -- $100  (came with the trans along with another set of axles)

We may get an aftermarket harness which will be in the $300 range if we can't make it work with what we have.  I assume if we use it we put it in the swap cost.

Header (won't go in with stock exhaust manifold) PLM @$399

Using the Axles that came with the motor, value around $150 if I had to buy them

The stock hubs would work but we are putting Karcepts hubs in it.  Do I have to add them to the swap cost, or just take points for them?  

I can run the stock intake and throttle body.  If I decide to update I assume I just take the points.


Using a 6sp out of an 05 RSX. It looks like I have to claim the transmission and the LSD for points, do I also have to count them it in the swap cost?

How about the clutch adaptor and master cylinder to run the hydro clutch?  It's $100 and I assume I need to claim it on the swap cost.


What did I miss in the swap cost?


What am I using in the swap cost I don't need to use?


Any help will be appreciated.  The definition of swap parts is kinda ambiguous in the rule book.





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