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1989 Chevy S10 - 4.3 liter for sale

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Posting this here for my other half, she wants to get rid of her grandfathers old Chevy S10.  Reason for posting here is I don't think the vehicle is worth much to someone looking for an actual ride, but for a Champ or other team looking for parts, or specifically, an engine, then it might be a good find.  Friends and I have considered turning into a Champ or lemon car but we already have 3 so we'll pass.  It's the engine we want really.


1989 Chevy S10 pickup.  4.3 liter engine.  Has automatic transmission.  Not sure if you care about that or if you can mod it for a manual, I don't do Chevy's.  Engine runs like a champ and only has 33k miles on it.   Engine seems to run real well.  Truck itself has an exhaust leak around the headers and would need the brakes bled but otherwise is a usable vehicle.  I would not consider this truck for hauling any loads of ANY kind.  The northern Ohio weather has not been kind to the frame/chassis.  Would probably need strengthening at a few spots.  Mainly posting on this site as someone might want the engine.  


Asking $750.00 obo and would need to be picked up in the Akron, OH area.  Would be glad to participate in a hauling service from my end if that's what you want to do.  I'm not going to pull this engine, this is sold as a whole package.


pics were too large to upload here.  Reply with email address and I'll forward pictures.





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