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ChampCar Quick Build Guide

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ChampCar Quick Build Guide


This is by no means a comprehensive list of things you have to do to go racing in ChampCar. But it is a good starting point.

We handed this sheet out at the 2019 SEMA Show. I thought it would be a good document to share here.

Download and read the ChampCar BCCR - https://champcar.org/mainweb/rules/

Review the approved cars that are on the VPI List https://champcar.org/mainweb/rules/
If your chosen car is not on the list, email info@champcar.org with the car information.

Buy an existing ChampCar legal race car. If that is not an option, then see below.
Acquire the car of your choice. Running cars are the best.
Remove seats, carpet, headliner, and spare change from the interior. Remove door windows and rear windows. The rear windows may be replaced with Polycarbonate, or the glass taped with 3M window tape. Remove sunroof glass and replace it with sheet metal.
Weld in a roll cage. Roll Cage Components make ChampCar legal cages. Prices start at $495 for a legal cage.
You will need the following:
Racing Seat SFI or FIA legal seats
Rollbar padding closed-cell SFI legal padding
Window net for driver’s door window, center triangle nets are optional.
5 to 7-point racing seat belt/harness
Certified and in-date fire system
Keep at least one windshield wiper, it can rain during races.
Make certain that the rear running lights, brake lights work. Headlights are not required for daylight racing. But it can get dark during inclement weather events and being seen is a good thing.
Use good quality brake pads designed for racing or have a lot of parts store pads on hand. Flush the brake fluid with new quality brake fluid. If you have a hydraulic clutch, flush that system as well. 

Have at least 2 mounted spare tires. Have at least two sets of extra lug nuts. 
Remove the catalytic converter and install a test pipe. Keep the muffler in place. Quiet cars are just as fast as loud cars. ChampCar limits cars to 96db, other tracks may be lower, like Laguna Seca at 90db.
Use chain mounted to the floor to hold the exhaust up in case a bracket or mount breaks. Space the chain every few feet. It’s easier to fix the pipe if it has not been dragged on the track for 3 laps.
Use good quality oil in the engine, transmission, and differential. Replace the coolant with 100% water. Add a bottle of Redline Water Wetter to aid in cooling and to help lubricate the water pump and to help deter corrosion.

Clean the radiator. Replace suspect, old, or worn hoses and pressure tanks. Replace belts as needed. Keep all plastics around and in front of the radiator to ensure proper cooling. Pressure test the cooling system to make certain clamps are working, and that you don’t have any cooling system leaks. Cooling system dye works awesome for this step.

Inspect for worn steering and suspension components like bushings. Replace with new components.

Keep the drivetrain and suspension as stock as possible for the best results at your first endurance race. You most likely won’t win your first race, the goal is to finish on track and not spend any time in the paddock. Going slow is better than sitting in the paddock.

Add friends that know a little bit about car mechanics. Friends that can weld are good too. Friends with a trailer and pickup truck are also good to have.

Register for a race

Register your car at ChampCar.org, enter a race, pick a door number, order your number panels from https://www.rvagfxstore.com/ , have your team members register too. 

Pit stall supplies

Cooler for water and sports drinks
“Easy-Up” style pop up tent to keep the sun and rain off of your team. 
Folding chairs
10-Pound ABC Fire Extinguisher
A 5-Gallon bucket full of Kitty Litter to soak up spilled gas and oil
Broom and Dustpan
Some basic hand tools, 4-way for changing tires, or impact gun and sockets

Driver Gear and all crew have to use the same gear when fueling - see rule book for details

Auto Racing Helmet - SA rated
FIA or SFI rated firesuit, gloves, socks, underwear, shoes, and balaclava for those with facial hair or long hair.

Go have fun!

This sheet is just a primer, and a bunch of details have been left out. Always consult the latest BCCR for the details.
Download and read the Supplemental rules for each event you have entered as there may have different rules for the event. 


You can also download the PDF version below.


ChampCar Quick Build.pdf

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38 minutes ago, JDChristianson said:

Nice list.  


Im surprised after all the preaching and such about reading the rules, that the list didn’t start with read and understand the rule book.  In bold type even 


Did you not read the document? Look at sentence 1

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