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2019 Race Results Review

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Hey all,


I was bored and had an hour to kill so I compiled all the 2019 race results and filtered the data a bit. What sucks about the race results are that the year/make/model are all entered by the teams instead of a drop down list so take the data with some grains of salt. I filtered the make/model so they all had >20 records. I included both average results as well as 95 percentile to look at what the bottom 5% of teams would finish in that model/make/class. Attached is the raw data sheet in case anyone wants to play with it.





Filtered 2019 Results.xlsx

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On 12/23/2019 at 1:09 PM, enginerd said:

@cowboys647 How do you have “average position” for three of the classes at over 60 when the majority of races didn’t even have 60 entries?


Also, I hope you omitted the entries with 0 laps completed from your averages calcs? 


Good catch on the bad data, was not average in that field. Added filtering to remove cars that finished <5 laps.




2019 Race Results Visualizations Average.png

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I suck at embedding so I figured I would just attach.
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