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What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2020

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So, we officially took two cars to a track day at Autobahn Full Course today....believe it or not, both cars had zero issues and drove back on the trailer...this is a first for us in 7 years of racing

Not very solid logic, but by spending a little bit of money on a new electric tongue jack and some paint for the race trailer  I was distracted away from spending lots of money on the race car.

☝️These guys: fun at parties. 

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Just started the car for the first time since indy. Something is going on in the motor. Way down on power. No engine codes, no blowby coming out of the oil fill, good fuel pressure, new plugs,  just feels really flat like its down 1/3rd of its horsepower. Idles fine too. Welp, off season to rip the car apart and figure out what's going on. 

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On 10/17/2020 at 8:37 PM, Lethal Cliff said:

Show some pictures of the pit cart.  We are getting ready to build one and looking for ideas.

It was built by Irvan-Smith here in Concord. Exactly like this model but mine has a Snap On tool box not the Lista. Couple add on pieces too. And less than half the cost. It was cheaper than a new roll around toolbox to replace the cheap Husky model I have bent to poop rolling it in and out of the trailer. 

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Finally finished lighting and lighting wiring, installed new shifter, topped off the trans fluid, driveshaft installed, motor mount in and tight. 
next up is exhaust system. I have to fix one of the mounts that got bent. 


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Friday was Dyno Day!  Still needs a lot of work in the not idle or WOT range, but at least we were able to get some good baseline timing numbers and AFRs dialed in for WOT.


Removed the secondary manifold runners butterflies and actuation shafts, went to a simpler intake tube (no more MAFS!), and a REAL K&N air filter (how's that for cost creep?!).


Final tally was +11 hp and +4 torque.  The really incredible part is torque at 2500 rpm is 144, and max at 4600 rpm is 154.  Pretty damn flat!  Also drives completely differently now, feels much much faster and sportier.  Not sure how much the shape of the curve changed, but the car feels miles better now.  I was shocked at the difference, because 11 horsepower just doesn't seem like all that much.





I also welded up some control arm extensions to replace our bolt-ons thingies:



And we added nostrils:



And there's more money in wheels and tires in the tacoma than the tacoma is worth (we're finally going to something sticky, and the Azenis were significantly cheaper than the ventus):



Still to go: new splitter, finish cleaning up wiring, tune AFR everywhere below 90 kpa and above 1500 rpm, integrate new shift light/dash, install new gauge pod and gauges, bullet-proof our battery tie down (someone else's thread scared me), put some tape over the holes in the bumper caused by our MCM encounter, install new control arms, replace one CV axle, brakes, oil change, alignment, and optimize our y-pipe.


Only two weekends left before Sebring.  This is gonna be close.


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7 hours ago, RandomTask said:

Yall ever heard of a shop that won't sell time on their dyno for a baseline run? They only want to do tuning. I just wanted to see how much power I lost but apparently thats not allowed. 


That's crappy.  Local (sorta dodgey) shop here let me tune the car myself on their dyno for $60 an hour.  Was pretty happy with that.

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