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Zamp USA graphic helmet, $199 special

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The Zamp RZ-58 helmet combines the latest helmet technology with the best value in the market.  Inexpensive is redefined with this helmet, which can be compared with helmets that cost twice as much.  Great fit, great finish and the best price! Left side blue, right side red.

Now available with our eye-catching USA Graphic! 

Features Include:

Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Shell

7-Top Air System – in addition to Chin, Scalp, and Exhaust Vents

Plush Fire Retardant Interior

Z-20 Series 3mm Shield with Tear Off Posts, 12.125 inches Center posts

M6 Inserts for Neck Restraint

Snell SA-2015

Available in Small – X-Large

Model Numbers:

H748US2 Red/White/Blue USA Graphic
H748US8 Orange/White/Green USA Graphic

Optional Accessories:

Part #Optional AccessoriesSug. Retail 

HARZ201Z-20 Shield Retention Kit$21.95

HASZ20AMZ-20  Series   Amber$29.95

HASZ20CLZ-20  Series    Clear$29.95

HASZ20DKZ-20  Series   Dark Smoke$33.50

HASZ20IMZ-20  Series   Iridium$39.95

HASZ20LTZ-20  Series   Smoke$29.95

HASZ20SMZ-20  Series   Silver Mir$39.95

HASZV20CLZ-20 Shield w/Visor.Sunstrip$54.95

HAV733001Visor - White - Z-20 Series$39.95

HAV733003Visor - Black - Z-20 Series$39.95


HTA20001RZ Top Air White$39.95

HTA20003RZ Top Air Gloss Black$39.95

HTA2003FRZ Top Air Matte Black$39.95

HTA22001RZ Top Air Low Profile White$42.95

HTA22003RZ Top Air Low Profile Gloss$42.95

HTA2203FRZ Top Air Low Profile Matte$42.95

NT002003Z-Tech Series-2ASFI 38.1$ 299.95

NT004003Z-Tech Series-4ASFI 38.1$ 332.95

NT006003Z-Tech Series-6ASFI 38.1$ 399.95

P0100011Fog Free Shield Film Insert$12.95

TEARPOST-RTear Off Post$1.95


Credit, debit and PayPal accepted. $10 shipping. 


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