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Brake Pad Options for Miata


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We're finishing up a new Miata build and have gone with Wilwood calipers on all four corners.  We will have the 7812 pad shape up front and 7912 in the rear.  This is an ABS car.  We've always run hawk blues all the way around on our beater NA Miata but they just don't last very long and aren't available for these calipers.  We have the choice of DTC 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, HPS, R4 line and the full Raybestos line including the ST43s for the front.  Rear pad options are R4 line, Hawk blacks, DTC 30, 50, 60, 70, and again the full Raybestos line including ST43s.  PFCs aren't immediately available.


I've seen some teams with lighter cars say they have trouble getting/keeping heat in the ST43s and others staying the they are a bit grabby.  I'm concerned that this may be the case on our light, upgraded caliper, ABS car if we ran the ST43s.  We have run ST43s on our Legend and found them to require a light initial pedal to prevent lockup and a nearly full pedal release to correct the lock up.


I've considered ST43s on all four corners, ST43s up front and blacks in the rear to get a bit better bias, DTC 50s or 60s up front and DTC 30s or blacks in the rear.  


Are there any upgraded brake Miata or lightweight car teams willing to share their brake compound experiences?  We may just buy two potential combinations and test them.  That is just a potential waste of money and time that I'd like to avoid if possible.  Any other options that I'm not considering?


Thanks for any input

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13 hours ago, LuckyKid said:

ST43s up front and ST42s in the back.  Porterfield will make an ST42 pad for you but you have to email or call.

Thanks for the info!   That seems to be what we're leaning towards.


4 hours ago, wd6681 said:

Manual or boosted brakes? They don't last as long as pfcs but I love the feel of porterfield R4. This was on an E30 with manual brakes. 

Standard boosted brakes.  Thanks for the input as well.  I think it will definitely come down to a preference/feel issue.  Our car/setup may not like what everyone else's likes.  I understand that it's all trial and error.  I'd just like to avoid unnecessary errors.  


Thank you both again for the input

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FYI we like the R4 because of its smooth application and release for trail braking. The other E30 I have driven has boosted brakes and ABS, brake setup is meant to use ABS with lots of bite with pads like hawk HT-10s. You might want to consider a similar route with lots of bite then just vary the front rear pad based on balance. 

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