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1990 Ford Mustang 5.0

Pablo Venereo

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My brother and I have racing fans for as long as I can remember. We have both ran in drag racing for a number of years and have eventually grown bored of it. I got into the endurance racing 5 years ago and have developed a love for it. See you in Daytona on the 25th.  I never knew about Champcar until recently and we are working on prepping 1990 Ford Mustang to participate. I it obvious we are going to have questions since we are new to this.


Here the first question for the moment.


Are there any point values on things like removing the upper controls and using a torque with a pan hard bar or a watts link?


Thank you

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

Welcome to the fun. 

A new feature, the ChampCar Tech Desk now allows you to ask a question to tech and get an official response than can then be publicly seen. 

Try and make your question as specific as possible, such as how many rod ends will be used etc. Diagrams and pictures are also helpful. 


See you at Daytona! 


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Welcome Pablo, happy to see another Mustang out there. Short answer is yes you will likely get a points hit.adding any new or not original suspension link or arm, such as a Watts will cost you. Question is how many points. So you asking the tech staff is the right idea. I might suggest some forum searching if you haven’t already. Look for the other teams that run Mustangs and you may learn some good info from them that sill save you time in the long run.

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