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Nissan Motorsports Racer Support Program (updated for 2022)

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Nissan has extended their ChampCar Motorsports Contingency Program into the 2022 season.


Top overall finishing positions. 


You will need to follow the directions in the program instructions. 

You will need to get the required decals.

This program is only for Nissan/Datsun vehicles only. No Fiats with Nissan/Datsun engines swaps. Nissan/Datsun with Nissan/Datsun drive trains.

ChampCar is only putting on the race, it is up to you, the Nissan racer, to comply with the rules of the program.

As a Nissan-Nismo racer, you can also receive discounted parts under the program.


Program details and Instructions 



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15 minutes ago, Schultz said:

sits waiting for announcement an Audi support program........


AA? Audi's Anonymous.  Do you or your loved ones struggle with keeping an Audi on track?  If so, we have a support group just for you to help you with your problems, and its a simple three step process:

1) Accept the fact Audis will break in the first hour

2) Put it on the trailer

3) Get in your e30 and finish the race


*Green Font*

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3 minutes ago, a914freak said:

 That doesn't mean you can't run it.... Nissan doesn't say what place you have to come in according to champcar rules they just say 1st....lol

I thought you were going to go race somewhere else? 
If not, welcome back. now go build a nissan versa.

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