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Tree to Tree See Eye - 2021 Hopefuls

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Well, we have officially begun building a Champcar.


We had/have an overly complicated build based around a base SOHC 3000GT but due to time and availability constraints, we have back-burnered that indefinitely.  Kinda sad cause I now have 2 VR4s, a diamante, and a Base 3000GT just laying around...


Anyhow, we figured going with an e46 would be easier since there is far less points available to modify things.  This should help rein in the scope of the build.  We went with a 323CI.  Luckily its ruined and has lots of sub-frame damage... great.








So far, we have stripped the car down about 95%.  Need to reduce the wiring before we go too much further.  Not really looking forward to that part.








Here is some gross soup in the battery compartment... Yum!




I was able to get a lift installed this past week to aid in the process which is a life goal realized.






Hopefully, the end product and documentation of the build will be on par with Darring Greatly's build.  If anyone has any E46 Tips they would like to share to save me lots of time and money that would be very appreciated.




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