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I am looking to fill 1 stint in 146 for the VIR south course race.  March 7 2020.  M20 + aero


Looking for an experienced driver who knows how to stay clean and safe.  This will be a co-drive spot with the normal team drivers, not a rental-filled car.  


More interested in building a long term relationship than an arrive-and-drive, but open to the right person regardless.


I work hard to prep and deliver top-tier champcar's, and we have a good track record of finishing races.  Full Data & video package with multiple cameras.  


PM me if you are interested.  Experience, etc.





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Hi Huggy,

I see your spot is filled for March 7 but would like to make contact for another time possibly.

I have participated in driving schools and driven in Champ for several years, mainly at VIR and once Daytona.

I have a perfect record of maintaining and not damaging the equipment I use 

Owner of our car does not always bring it to VIR events so looking for possible alternatives.

Perhaps I can stop by and meet you on Saturday to make contact



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