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What's everyone doing on Memorial Day after WGI? Time trial?

Mario Korf

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So I got to thinking about the Monday after the Watkins Glen race. I belong to a country club, Pineview Run, that has a small race track an hour and 45 minutes NW of Watkins Glen. The track isn't open on Mondays, but heck, it's a holiday and we're already towing our race cars. What if some of us just kind of took over the track on Monday? 


The track isn't big enough for racing, but there's a regular time trial series at Pineview, and they use AMB transponders, so I thought, why not make it a competition? We're all racers, the cars have been teched at WGI, we're ready to race!


The format would be something like a warm-up lap, two timed laps, and then a cool down. We can put about 5-6 cars on track at a time, and so we do that until we've cycled through as many car/driver combinations as are signed up. Break for lunch, BS some, do it again. Award trophies for fastest laps and fastest team, and then get on the road again. 


I haven't asked the Club owner about this, because I just had this crazy idea this moment. But if enough people are interested, he'd have to open the club to the public and say yes, right? Are you interested? What would you pay to do this? I'm thinking $50 is reasonable. 


Another option would be to just ask if we can have the track for an open track day. That's a little less exciting, but easier to coordinate and probably more track time. Thoughts? 

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