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March Harris Hill - Two Seats

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@Brian Jones @333 Kinkle, we appreciate the interest, however given the timeline to the event we have made the decision to withdraw our car from the Harris Hill race. 


With little interest in the past few weeks, we decided to slow down our prep schedule for this event, ultimately leading to us pulling out from this one. 


However, I will be sure to to reach out in the near future. We plan to run in at least three more events this year, and will have seats available for rent. Feel free to shoot me a message on our Facebook page or a PM here, and we can exchange contact info.

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Fully understand.  Email me anytime. I didnt enter my car this spring due to family commitment right after the race. I am the captain of my team and understand the true cost and commitment it takes to run a weekend race. I was going to come and take advantage as a team member and take it easy on myself and the family. I would like to keep in touch with you and help in the future on your car. I will be racing in September at H2H. I'll be the orange crap can with the licences plate word "kinkle" on it as you pass me many times. Contact me anytime for anything. Your team was helpful the last time we pitted next to each other. Your car is a rocket on rails. Hope to get the opportunity to drive a better car. The old mustang is a handful and hauls ass on the straights but corners like poo. Its fun to see the miatas get real big in my rear view mirrors in the corners and then get small in the straights. After several laps I give way due to it kills the momentum they have in the corners. It gives them fits not to pass me on the long runs. Thanks for the response. Charles Coleman


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