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Fuel Cell options


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13 minutes ago, 91AU said:

I am looking to update our car to a fuel cell of between 18 & 20 gallons, I would appreciate some advice on the best option if anyone can help .

You’ll find that 20 is almost non-existent but there are many options in the 18 gallon size. Anything between those two will be a custom cell, several companies make custom cells which aren’t absurdly expensive if you keep the standard rectangular prism shape.

I suggest 2 things: 1) get recommendation on brands (it seems like this is what you are asking for), and 2) determine exactly the space you want your cell to occupy and measure it. There are many dimensional variations on the standard box shape, and some will fit your space better than others. In a given brand there will be a few different 18 gallon options, some cube-like, others longer, some short and wide, etc.

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