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Do we use a page in the logbook for every race entered, or just for the first race of the year when tech’d?


Last year we did two races with this car, and the first we made a logbook entry and Jay signed. Second race didn’t write anything.  Now coming up on another tech inspection and wondering if I should fill out a page just to record the race entry. 


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12 hours ago, ETR said:

Great, thanks!

Please fill out your tech sheet with your VPI we will add the values up for your Total Competition Value . We will then transfer the values into your log book at your yearly tech . Then you fill in your value adds into your log book. If you fill in your log book first then we find additional value adds it gets messy correcting it. At your next event during the year you just take your book to registration if no changes have been made , if you have changed something come back to tech and we will adjust your book.

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