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Extended Lower Ball Joints Point Value


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20 hours ago, JDChristianson said:

The extended ball joints are a modified for performance suspension component to me I would have thought they would be 10pts each


Which would at least line up with what everyone else is paying for adding camber through additional parts.

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The tech article is wrong and I'm sure will be corrected.


Got a pair of ELBJ's on my 99 miata and claimed 20pts for the "aftermarket camber apparatus".  This is what they are and how they are marketed (additional 3 degree negative camber).  Went through tech in March at Harris Hill, Jay nodded approvingly when we got to that line item and we moved on.



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On 4/17/2020 at 2:30 PM, cowboys647 said:

The BCCR cannot be continually modified at a moment's notice to add new components to the fixed point list so I think this is where the knowledge base can assist and assign values similarly to how they used to do this at the track but now it's completely transparent.


For the Miata, I'd like to know why you think the extended lower ball joints should be more points than offset bushings. They both allow more negative camber to be attained. They both can be purchased as aftermarket parts. 

offset bushings are adjustable from  - to + and front and rear  to give infinite adjustment of camber and caster  the ball joints  give only a fixed distance for camber so the offset bushings are of more value

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