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2020 ChampCar iRacing Series: Round 4, Daytona - 3/18/2020, 3/25/2020


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iRacing - still 100% unaffected by pandemics. If that's not enough of a selling point for you, we are still only 3 rounds into the championship year, so any newcomers can still race at Daytona and have a drop week to spare for the rest of the year if they want to be entered into the pot to win a race entry. What a deal!


Session details below. Please note that we are welcoming back the venerable Street Stock, the finest road car on the iRacing service. Unfortunately the iRacing road baseline is not that friendly, but I have developed a replacement that should be both fun to drive and prove accessible to new drivers. It's available to download below, and will be used as the fixed setup for both practice and championship rounds.


Good luck!


Session Details


  • Practice Round: Wednesday, 18-March-2020
  • Championship Round: Wednesday, 25-March-2020
  • Practice Start: 7:00pm ET
  • Qualifying Start: 9:00pm ET
  • Race Start: 10:00pm ET
  • Cars: Street Stock
  • Track: Daytona International Speedway - Road Course
  • In-Sim Session Date: Wednesday, 25-March-2020
  • In-Sim Session Start Time: 3:30pm
  • In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x
  • Weather: Auto-Generated
  • Setup: Fixed Setup with 14g starting fuel - download here
  • Fast Repairs: 1
  • License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0)


Useful Links

ChampCar iRacing Series - League Application

Discord Server

2020 ChampCar iRacing Series schedule

Guide to iRacing and Hardware

How to create your own iRacing paints

iRacing Tips and Resources

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Reminder to everyone - I've seen a lot of new joiners to the league over the last week (for obvious reasons). 


Therefore I expect this round to the over-subscribed and people who join late may not be able to secure a grid spot. Please plan to register as early as possible to secure your place for the race.

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A word (or two) on the event tonight.


First off, great to see such interest in the event, despite the extenuating sociological circumstances. We had a full field before the start of qualifying, and I apologise to anyone who didn't get to race because of this. I'm going to reach out to those people who registered and did not race to find out why; if there is a repeat they will be removed from the league.


Second, with greater numbers came a greater number of incidents. I saw some pretty poor driving out there, and a lot of it was coming from people who I know have CCES experience and who are not applying the same common sense to iRacing that they would take to the real track. I would encourage those competitors who are maybe returning to the sim after a lengthy absence to spend some time reacquanting themselves with the reality of simracing with some official races and with the practice round for the CCiS Road America event. If events remain oversubscribed with similarly poor driving styles then I will have no choice but to look at raising the license requirements for entry to the championship rounds. And I really don't want to have to do that.

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About 98% of the examples of bad driving stopped after I parked the car. First time with that car, first time driving that track, and I was embarrassingly poor.


I was losing 2 seconds a lap in turn 1 alone, and forcing all sorts of evasive action around my slow tail.


Apologies for the display.

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