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2022 Chandler School Award: How to earn points when you respond back to the students

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At the awards ceremony for each event,  one team is chosen to be awarded with the Chandler School Award. Included with the award is letter from the students. Part winning the award is that we would like you to write back to the students. The idea is to help the students learn how to write letters and communicate with others.

At the end of the year, the Chandler School will award the Chandler School Award winning team that has collected the most points. see below.



You and your team may write letters to our ACE team here at the Chandler School. You can write as many letters as you would like.


Then, our team will write you letters in response. 


The mailing address to the school is: 


The Chandler School

2900 Augusta Street

Greenville, SC 29605

The Chandler Sportsmanship Award. Which they will award $1,000 to the team that wins. The $1,000 is at the end of the year the team with the most points. Here is the first guideline.

  1. Winning the sportsmanship award is 25 points.
  2. The runner up team, gets 15 points.
  3. You can go back in your past races and tally them up.
  4. If you think a team went above and beyond sportsmanship, you can award them 5 points extra for what they did for actions off of the track.
  5. Actions on the track such as black flag, etc. does not count points against them.
  6. The name of the team that wins, if you send them the name, our students can write letters. If the team writes back, they can get 10 points every time they correspond back with a student.
  7. To keep it really simple, we will keep it like fantasy football or fantasy baseball. So here is how it goes.

Here is an example: 

VIR Sportsmanship Award Winner 25 Points (Team-The Birds)

VIR Sportsmanship Runner Up 15 Points (Team-The Bees)

Hypothetically, say the next race the runner up team at VIR won the sportsmanship award, which received 25 points and the other team received zero. After 2 races, the birds have collected 30 points because they have come second in each race for sportsmanship and the bees just in 1, so they are 25 ahead in points. 

Also, we found out that the bees, their 4 driving team members all wrote students letters back to them (10 pts for each letter).

So now after 2 weeks of racing, the bees have 30 points plus another 40 points because of letter writing, which gives them a total of 70.

The birds still only have 25.

I hope this makes some sense to you, keep it as simple as possible. 25 points for the winner, 15 points for the runner up, 10 points for writing a letter.

Dana Blackhurst

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15 minutes ago, enginerd said:

That post is very confusing. Can you add a paragraph at the start that explains "what is this?". Maybe I missed something from weeks back which introduced this. @Bill Strong


Can confirm.  AM confused


@Bill Strong  Can you elaborate?


Who is allowed to participate (all teams, only chandler award winners, only teams who have raced, etc?)

The points example doesn't add up.  


Birds - 25

Bees - 15


Then in race 2 its stated the Bees win (25) and the Birds dont place in the top two.


Score should be:

Birds - 25

Bees - 40


But the statement then says the Birds came in 2nd twice (15 + 15 = 30), and that the Bees won (25), which isn't in alignment with the above.




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