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MyLaps TR2 Transponder

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Looks as if MyLaps has released a new transponder. The auto version works with our timing equipment.
Info here

Quick Start Guide

BCCR will be updated with the new info in version 3.0.1 which will need to be approved before I post. Look for it in a few days. Super minor edits.

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Pro Tip-


Mylaps does not send a reminder notice (at the time anyway) when the X2 needs to be renewed. It will charge like normal, but not give a signal.  Ask me how I know, uggg. I thought I did the 2 year buy when I got it and only did 1 year. Live and learn.


Also, when you renew it they send you a file, you need to connect the x2 to the pc and remove the old and install the new and have mutliple file locations opens. It can be a pita to get it to renew.   

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I have actually taken whether or not a car has an old transponder still in it as part of a buying decision.  Bought an old Formula Ford chassis that still had a transponder attached - figured it netted my acqisition cost down AT LEAST $500.  Same with a few old SCCA Improved Touring chassis.  Sometimes you can buy a transponder cheaper by getting the whole car, remove transponder, sell car.  Seems like a lot of work, but $500+ for a used transponder (and sometimes much more) is tough.

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