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I know it’s a long shot but to clear my conscience before I scrap this stuff.. I have the complete accessory drive system from a mid-eighties Chevy 454, including Alt, WP, PS pump, the freaking 40lb compressor (which was cooling perfectly) and all brackets....converting mine to newer factory serpentine system (corona project!).  If someone is doing a concourse resto, or just likes changing the skinny ass v-belts 3 times a year, PM me and we’ll find a way to get these to you for the cost of shipping or a 30pack of PBR, whichever is greater...


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8 hours ago, mender said:

I just did the serpentine belt conversion on a customer's big block swap using this kit:



It works very well and the price is right. It uses SBC serpentine belt accessories including the AC compressor with the short hoses that mounts on the passenger's side of the engine.

That’s exactly what I’m doin.  It’s bloody genius! 

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