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Where Can I buy Champcar Merchandise?

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I would like to help support Champcar during this pandemic.  


Some of you may have seen or heard about #supportmotorsports.


Basically, buying merchandise from our series sponsors and from the series can help these companies stay afloat.


Does anybody know where I can go to get Champcar stuff?  I know that there are tee shirts and hats and stuff that go to all the races.  How can I buy this stuff online?


Yo, @Bill Strong!


I did see the "flatten the curve shirt".  Thats what got me thinking about this.





Some cool work shirts, hats, maybe even work gloves would be cool.

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5 minutes ago, red0 said:

Is there any old stock of Champcar merch? Like the "pesky saab" shirt? I would love to get a few of those. 

I can check



4 minutes ago, B-Rad said:

There better be koozies in that shipment 🍺

I think I have some of those in stock in the ChampCar HQ Sub Annex. I'll look around.

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I will have all of the items located here.
I have a few patches in stock locally, but I'll get some to stock when I ship the shirts too.
we have a new style hat and more shirts. They will be up next week.

New link - 4/23/2020




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9 hours ago, E. Tyler Pedersen said:

Sweatshirts with just ChampCar logo on the front would be awesome. I know it's almost summer but I'm planning for fall Rd America 

Parka with a snow mask would be more appropriate. We got our snow tires ready.


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